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Why Do We Need Sleep?

by Sally Vanjoske, Broker 03/11/2019

If you’re in college and studying for exams, or if you have a new baby, you might be experiencing sleep deprivation at a level you’ve never felt before. In general, though, many people operate in a state of sleep deprivation on a regular basis. The challenge with that is it reduces your ability to fight off anything else life throws at you.

In addition to lack of sleep, if you’re also not eating well, working too hard, under stress, and not getting exercise, that lack of sleep can compound the damage from all these other things.

Chronic sleep-deprivation causes your stress hormones to elevate and over time may lead to anxiety, depression, weight gain, hypertension, digestive problems, headaches, dizziness, irritability, immune dysfunction, and even stroke.

You don’t want any of these, so what do you need to do? Get more sleep.

Here’s how:

It the noises outside your home are keeping you awake, talk to your home professional about finding you a house in a quieter neighborhood.

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